How to use
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How to use

FX1 can be applied neat to machine tools and added to any inherently lubricated system.


For an initial treatment add a 10% ratio of FX1 to your existing systems oil prior to an oil change an run the system at the temperature of at least 50°C and until all friction surfaces have been coated. Please check the oil filter after the system has been run in with FX1, and change if necessary.

A 5% ratio of FX1 to your systems usual oil capacity is the recommended concentration for continued use of FX1. (ie 50ml FX1 per 1 Litre of oil)


This can be acheived by heat treating components with FX1 by either bathing, or applying a film to the surface areas to be treated and then baking. FX1 requires at least 60°C to activate and bond. Ensure areas to be treated attain the required bonding temperature during either bathing or baking.