Technical Information
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Technical Information

Technical Information

FX1 can be applied directly to dry metal surfaces such as machine tools and wet metal to metal surfaces such as those lubricated by sump oil.

FX1 is entirely free of congealing agents such as PTFE, and does not effect design tolerances or the viscosity of carrying lubricants.

As well as being compatible with regular oils FX1 can also be added to greases.

The heat reactive molecules of FX1 migrate to friction surfaces and bond with the metal to create a 0.01┬Ám durable semi permenent anti-corrosive lubricating extreme pressure film.

FX1 has been formulated to avoid harmful side effects such as the of distortion of elastomers and uncoltrolled surface bulid up. FX1 also contains less than 0.01% Sulphur, 0.001% Phosphorus and no free Chlorine.

FX1 is self dispersing in oil and will bond to solids and disperse contaminants and help prevent the build up of sludge. For this reason the use of FX1 in older systems where carbon deposits built up over the years that substitute for original worn linings is not advised.