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Andrew Jarvis - Microshield

I have used FX 1 in a number of applications CPM Tool Hire at Mansfield had a rotavator machine that was running very badly. Normally this would have involved a engine strip down to solve the problem but as i had just deliverd a sample of FX1 he applied this to the fuel tank and Engine oil and it completely cured the problem. Mansfield Sand had severe breakdown issues with their mobile plant after treating fuel...

Steve Thomas - Domestic User

I have been using FX1 for about 8-10 years. I find FX1 enhances the lubrication system of the engine more effectively than just using engine oil. I use FX1 in our family car and camper with equal effect. After initially adding FX1 the tick- over speed increases, indicating the positive effect by reducing friction of the internal engine bearing surfaces. This, in my opinion, enhances the life of the engine.