Extreme Pressure Boundary Lubrication

FX1Oils has been specially created to extend the life of components


Protection and Performance Enhancement

Protecting against friction enhances ecomony and performance


Entirely free of congealing agents

Free from PTFE and does not effect design tolerances.

Welcome to FX1 Oils, The engineers choice

FX1 is an extreme pressure synthetic hydrocarbon based monomolecular surface modifier. FX1 quickly migrates to friction faces and bonds to create a durable film that dramatically reduces friction. The creation of the film also has the effect of cleaning components and inhibiting contaminant build up.

Fx1 Artwork

Why Should You choose us?

FX1 is an elegant solution to the problems of friction wear. It is free entirely of congealing agents which can affect flow rates, design tolerances and the working of small components.

The re-engineered hydrocarbon molecules synergies with ferrous and non ferrous metals on contact, forming a complex long chain molecular bond which is extremely slippery and tenacious.

FX1 acts as an intermediate, microscopic rubbing surface which continues to function after the oil film has broken down, or is even removed. It is measurably effective at extreme pressures and temperatures.

Historically FX1 has shown benefits in automotive applications where extreme pressure conditions are experienced during cold cranking, sudden accelerations, heavy loads and extreme high temperature operating conditions, as well as the traditional extreme pressure applications such as lubricant for machine tool components.

We are a wholesaler of FX1 in 205L drums,
minimum order quantities of 25L are available.

International Wholesale

We are proud to supply FX1 wholesale internatioanlly to many valued customers. enabling distributing of FX1 technology world wide.

Reduced friction in a working system has many ecological benefits, such as:

  • Reduction of wear
  • Increased component life
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Reduced system emissions